Food and Wine Match - Block Eight Pinot Gris with Pork Rillettes

This recipe is from Keith Floyd's "Floyd on France". It is quite delicious to have on hand for snacks and entertaining. Our perfect wine match with rillettes is the Bellbird Spring Block Eight Pinot Gris.

"This is a very simple dish. Really it is a meat spread and is absolutely terrific spread over pieces of hot toast. You will find it on menus, particularly in the Loire valley and throughout France generally. It can be made from goose, duck or rabbit."

1 kg shoulder of pork, diced

750g fresh pork fat, diced

75g salt

15g pepper

Put the meat and fat into a heavy pan and cook gently for about 4 hours. When the pieces of meat are very well cooked but not burned or brown, pour off the fat and reserve. Shred the meat using a couple of forks: do not use a food processor because it turns the meat into a paste. Add lots of salt and pepper. Put the shredded meat into glass jars and allow to cool.

Melt the reserved fat and cover meat with it. Cool again. Seal the jars and store in a cool place.


Keith Floyd

"Floyd on France"

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