Food and Wine Match - Block Eight Sauvignon Blanc and Bacon and Quail Egg Pie

The ideal weekend lunch! This is based on the Edmonds Cookery book recipe which we have altered slightly. We replace onion with caramelised onion and use peas. We don't use chutney and the main ingredient is 30 quail eggs! Not 6 hens eggs.

 2 sheets pre-rolled flaky pastry

caramelized onion

1 cup of chopped bacon

½ cup of peas

30 quail eggs / 6 eggs

salt & pepper


Use 1 sheet of pastry to line a greased 20cm square shallow cake tin. Sprinkle onion, bacon and peas over pastry. Break eggs evenly over, pricking the yolks so they run slightly. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Carefully lift second sheet of pastry over filling. Brush top with milk. Bake 200 degrees for 40 min or until well risen and golden. Cut into squares and serve hot or cold. Serves 6.

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