Organic and Biodynamic Winegrowing Conference 2017


Meeting friends and colleagues in the industry to listen and talk is always refreshing.  Although we discussed many things: how to market better, the experiences of other growers – here and abroad, bio security risks and so on; it was the subject of soil that provided me with the most food for thought.

Science is giving us an ever clearer picture about the world beneath our feet.  That is to say, the biology of soil, roots, microbes and arthropods that sustain soil health and allow us to farm organically.  Among other things, we heard about how soil fungi interact with vine roots to assist with accessing nutrients in the soil, and how earth worms do enormous amounts of work in soil to mix, aerate and drain it – making it suitable for agriculture.  

With each discovery we find nature provides us with valuable services if we will only let it.  If we treat it as a living thing, feed it organic matter, and protect its health; it returns to us distinctive fruit of the best quality from which to make beautiful wines.

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