Belbird Spring Sous Voile (500ml)

Belbird Spring Sous Voile (500ml)

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A nutty dry white wine aged in old oak barrels under a veil of yeast. 


A wine made in fashion most similar to the sous voile wines of Jura, France; with elements of a fino amontillado sherry. Sous voile translates as “under veil”.

Pinot Gris was fermented to dryness in old oak barriques and topped and stored for a year. For the subsequent two years the wine continued to be aged in old oak barrels on ullage under a veil of flor yeast. In the fourth year the wine was on ullage with flor dying off. At the end of this time it was topped. The wine was not protein stabilised. One filtration prior to bottling gave a cellar bright wine. The wine was not fortified and has a final alcoholic strength of 15.5%.  


Nuts, olives, feta, seafood, rice dishes and fattier meats.